My Favorite GF Bread

8:32:00 AM

My husband and I have a small obsession with Simply Gluten Free Magazine and the amazing things inside it. There are so many products we are learning about and recipes we are using that have changed our eating, but the main thing we have found useful over and over again is a particular recipe from the bread issue.

I think I've made this recipe about 8 or 9 times and I'm never disappointed. I use this for morning toast, dipping in homemade chicken soup, pan grilled sandwiches, and an old fashioned vehicle for healthy portions of butter. No judgment. 

These are unedited photos in all their glory. This is for real what this glorious golden bread looks like fresh out the oven. I highly recommend making sure you use a dutch oven and preheat it because your dough just won't rise how it's meant to without it. I'd also recommend doing this while your little one(s) *if you have any* are sleeping because it's a challenge when they aren't 😅

Happy Baking!

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