Our Big Announcement

10:47:00 AM

For those of you wandering where the heck I have been, here's my big excuse. 

After 3 years of prayer, struggle, hope, tears, health concerns, blood tests, adoption research, testing of faith, and lots more prayer, God granted us a little surprise miracle upon our return from Italy. Joe and I are so pleased, overjoyed, and completely shocked to be able to share with you all that we are expecting our first child in late June. 

This baby was a real surprise to us since we had just been accepted by an adoption agency, but we are so excited! Our path was chosen for us and we're thrilled. I hope to share what I can about this GF pregnancy with you all. My energy levels and nausea are slowly balancing out, so I hope to be around more shortly. Forgive me for my lack of posts - I think this is a pretty solid reason to be MIA! 

Happy Monday.

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