Quick Update

9:16:00 AM

Hey guys; I'm here to give a little update on what's up this week.

This beautiful man in the photo with me has had quite a rough few days. My sweet, strong, darling husband has pneumonia and it's no joke. He ran a 26 obstacle 5k race (Rugged Maniac 5k) this past weekend and felt so badly afterwards that he actually volunteered to go to the urgent care.

Now, if you know my husband, you know how big of a deal this is. If you don't, here's some perspective: the man continued to wrestle (collegiate level) after snapping his ACL in half because it didn't hurt that bad and he never backs down from a match. Basically, any admission of weakness or need of help is kind of a big freaking deal for this guy. 

Long story short, Joe had a temp of 103.6, went to the ER, was told he had Rhabdomyolysis, stayed over night, went home, went BACK to the ER due to his temperature and coughing, and then was told he had pneumonia all along. The entire diagnosis process and the sickness itself have been so exhausting for him. To admit that he needs help and cannot do much on his own has been such a burden, but it has also been a relief for him to be able to lean on others for strength. This sweet man loves to be the helper, so asking the ones he loves to take care of him is really tough. 

I have to tell you that watching my husband struggle was the scariest thing in the world. When we were unsure why his fever persisted and he began to cough up blood and mucus, I mentally checked out a bit. He is always my comforter and strength. He pushes through every illness and never stops being the protector. Joe literally can pick me up and hold me in his arms when I'm having a bad day to comfort me. This is the first time in our 11 year relationship he hasn't been able to do it all and it freaked us both out. Joe hit the nail on the head last night when he said "I'm sorry your superman fell." Of course he has absolutely NOTHING to apologize for, but he was totally right about me thinking of him that way; my superman.

I'm VERY happy to report that he is on the mend. His temperature is down and he is on antibiotics that should clear up the big spot on his right lung. It could take weeks for him to feel up to full strength again, but we're so happy to finally have figured out what was going on. We learned what his limits are and I personally got the smallest taste of what life would be like without him and I don't know how I'd ever survive it. I truly believe God gives us these challenges so we can cherish our time with one another and I don't think it's possible for me to be more thankful to have Joe in my life.

We can't thank our friends & family enough for the long distance support and quick trips out to our home. We love you.

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