7:33:00 AM

It's FINALLY beginning to feel like Spring, guys.

With Mother's Day around the corner and sunshine almost everyday, fresh flowers are definitely on my mind! I always feel happier with fresh flowers in our home. I picked up these beauties from Mariano's (grocery store) for $18 and they bloomed so beautifully. Peonies are just so delicate with their layered, thin petals and pretty pink colors... sigh. Don't they look like perfect tissue paper flowers?! LOVE. 

I encourage you all not to feel pressured to buy fancy flowers for the mom in your life, be it in-law, mother, or significant other. Either buy local or even find a nice grocer that has decent flowers - fresh is the best and will be appreciated no matter how much money you spent or where you got them. 

Side note: I once picked up flowers from a Meijer for my mom and we had black flies hatch from them. DO check the flowers when you buy them... that is one grocer I would not recommend.

I'll keep this short and sweet -
Have a great weekend and a Happy Mother's Day!

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