The Perfect Jeans

7:30:00 AM

Good Morning!

Thursday is by far the best day of the week (in my opinion). Friday is around the corner, the promise of the weekend is within reach, and we have trivia at our fave bar. Can't get much better.

Unless you have the most amazing jeans. That could add to the perfection.

Last month I split 2 pairs of jeans in one week - RIGHT in the thigh. This is typical for me, being an inherent thunder thigh body type (thanks, dad!). Although this happens often, something inside just screamed "enough is enough" this time around and I decided to get some professional opinions on the right jeans for my body type. So, if you are the type of person who has nightmares about shopping for pants, this post is for you.

First thing first: tips to avoid wearing down your jeans straight from the professional that helped me find my perfect fit.

1. NEVER use fabric softener on jeans. It breaks down the fabric causing splits, etc.
2. NEVER put jeans in the dryer. If you need to soften them up, put a 5 minute limit on them.
3. Wash jeans as little as humanly possible. Basically, until they smell or you spill something on them, keep them out of the washer machine.

Now, for my magical trip to jean heaven.

It all started with my darling husband finding a little store near our apartment that specializes in all things jean. This was a much better experience than my usual stop into the Gap for jeggings, let me tell you. The owner of The Denim Lounge was SO helpful from the second we walked in. I told him my typical size when I shop and he immediately started handing me jeans to try on. 

Let me explain for a moment my complete disdain for pants shopping. I have struggled since middle school to fit into pants that were simply made for thinner women. I have an hour glass figure that just does not fit the "ideal" body type for most clothing stores. The fact that I spent 20 minutes total between walking in and walking out of The Denim Lounge is nothing short of a miracle.

Back to the jeans. First off, I looked great in EVERY SINGLE PAIR that the owner chose for me. That has never happened for me at any store while trying on any article of clothing. EVER. I did have the problem of there being a back gap in the waist of most of the jeans, but that is an easy fix and the curse/blessing of having a big booty and small waist.

Then, the most perfect brand of pants was given to me and the heavens parted. Think angels singing and lots of smiles from this lady. The brand of jeans is called Principle; they are American made (happy news) and fit me like a freaking glove, people. I got a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of bell bottoms, which, much to this 90's kid's delight, are making a come back. I have to get the bell bottoms shortened by about an inch and a half, but other than that, they are practically perfect in every way. See photo for reference:

THAT is a happy face, let me tell you. So, in the end, we did pay a pretty penny for these beauties, but it was well worth it. And by "it", I mean me. I was worth it and so was my body. Ladies, if you are going to splurge on something, splurge on clothes that fit you well. Maybe buy one item every month or two that is more than you would usually spend, but makes you feel amazing. The amount of body positivity I gained from these pants is unparalleled. I've never felt so great in pants in my entire life and I'm including when I was in high school (toothpick status). 

I hope you all can find the time and spare cash to spend on your beautiful bodies. You deserve clothes that fit; not "goal" clothes or jeans that are uncomfortable to sit in but look fab while standing. You are worth every damn penny you spend on clothes that make you feel beautiful. 

Happy almost weekend!!


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