Bikini Mix 'n' Match

4:58:00 AM

Ok, guys, I KNOW the weather outside is not encouraging, but let's just try and imagine summer being around the corner! I can't wait for warm days on the beach and tanning on my back porch. And by tanning, I mean getting a ton of freckles and turning pink. It's a ginger's life for me...

Today I wanted to show you how I mix and match my bikini tops and bottoms! Both bikini bottoms are from Victoria's Secret and both bikini tops are from Target. I don't buy things without a coupon or a sale, so if I remember what I spent last year on these, I believe I paid well under $100 for all 4 pieces! That's my kind of deal. 

The black high waisted bottoms are no longer available on the Victoria's Secret website, however, the salmon colored bottoms you can find HERE. The color I chose is "neon nectar." As for the tops, Target rotates their swim wear yearly, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the black geometric top is still HERE. They no longer carry the mint top, but I found a comparable bikini top HERE.

Ladies, I encourage you to buy the suits you want this season. You don't need the ideal "bikini bod" because who's ideal is it anyway? I finally bought the cheeky bottoms I had always looked at but never bought because my booty didn't meet the societal standards. You know what? My imperfect behind looks great in them and I wish I hadn't held myself back all those years! I can tell you, it's freeing to finally get the clothes you always labeled as "goal clothes." Just buy the size you are now, guys, and it will feel like you won the lottery. And your body will thank you.

I hope this post gets you in the summer spirit - just try not to look out the window. Or the weather app on your phone. Or go outdoors... 


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