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4:37:00 AM


It's been near 2 weeks since my last post and I must apologize - I've been sick and mostly lazy.
The good news is that it was just allergies, so after this weekend I hope to be posting semi-regularly again (you know me...).


That's right. Chicago's sweetest, saltiest, most delicious popcorn is gluten free in every. single. flavor.
Monday my stepdad (who is the coolest, FYI) took us to a Hawks game. Joe and I are Red Wings fans, but the Blackhawks games are pretty amazing, especially from box seats. I gotta give credit to the United Center for their Gluten Free options - they have a basket of pre-packaged yummies for those of us that can't cash in on the hot dog buffet. Within this basket, I discovered something I should have long LONG ago... I CAN EAT GARRETT'S.

The heavens parted and God smiled as I took my first handful of delicious Chicago Mix in years.
Ok, not literally, but it felt pretty great to be eating it.

In summation, all Celiacs should be eating this amazing popcorn if they are in the Chicagoland area. It's worth the trip downtown, or, in my case, the United Center. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend - sorry to be posting on the last day of the week.
We are heading out to visit Joe's family and see our niece and nephew tonight! T'will be a weekend of fun, I dare say.


(this is NOT a sponsored post, I just really love sugar coated popcorn)

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