DIY Face Mask

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Good Morning!

I don't know about all of you, but this constant weather change from cold to warm to cold again has my skin absolutely freaking out. I have such an oily t-zone and really dry skin on my cheeks, chin, and the lower party of my nose and it's starting to get ridiculous. Having celiac disease, it's really hard for me to find skin products that I trust to be gluten free - who would have ever thought that SKIN PRODUCTS would have gluten in them?! Not me. And let me tell you, there is nothing more frustrating than being unable to find basic toiletries just because of gluten. 

My solution? Scour the internet for at-home skin remedies. 
Today I wanted to share the DIY that works for my skin! I only do this once a week, usually on a Saturday or Sunday when I have a little down time in the morning.

What you need:

First thing you want to do is separate the egg white and place it into the measuring cup. 
I used a larger measuring apparatus because I wanted to be able to just mix it in there, but if you want to just pour this all in a bowl, you can. (I don't actually measure anything...)

First: Start whipping that egg white.

Whip the egg white until it starts to froth up a bit like the photo above. You can also keep the yolk for a smoothie or maybe a DIY you would like to share with me! Or you can just toss it in the trash.

Second: Add about 1/2 tbsp of honey.

I didn't measure mine out, but you are more than welcome to. I recommend experimenting with the honey since it has a moisturizing effect. If you have oily skin, maybe dial it back to 1 tsp or add more if you have very dry, flaky skin. After you have added the honey in, make sure you whip it, whip it good. In the end you should have something that looks like this:

Thirdly: Application.

Make sure before you apply the mask that you have rinsed your face off. A lot of different tutorials will say to wash your face, but I find this counter productive since that's what we are about to do anyways... make sense? So, I give you, my totally bare naked Sunday morning face in all it's glory:

So, with your beautiful make-up free sleepy face and your hair tied back (disregard the fly-aways), rub the foamy face mask on your face. There will be leftovers which is why I try to have a friend present to try this out with me, but the only person around was my husband and he wasn't feeling like sudsing up while he made breakfast.

The mask should look like this on your face (and neck if you choose):

Fancy, right?
From here, you leave on the mask for about 15-20 minutes.
This will feel like your skin is shrinking; the egg white will dry and become very stiff.
At the end of the 15-20 minutes, the mask will look like this:

It looks a bit like snake skin: brown, flaky, and dry.

Final Step: Rinse your face with warm water.
I like to use a wash cloth and gently pat it off of my face and then finish it off with a splash of cold water to seal off my pores, but you can splash on the hot water and be done with it, too.

This will leave your skin feeling SO smooth and looking so bright and fresh. 
Please let me know if this works for you! I highly encourage you to try it out. 

Here is my fresh face - now I want to see yours!

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