Washi Tape Banner

5:02:00 AM

Good Morning!

Day one of the office makeover DIY project is all about my sweet little washi tape banner!
This is SO so easy to make, guys. You're gonna love it. 

What you need:
Washi Tape

THAT'S IT. Seriously.

Now, I used 2 patterned washi tapes, but you can go crazy and have as many colors/patterns that you want and alternate them as you wish. The possibilities are literally endless. Unless you have every washi tape on the planet... then they aren't.

Step One: Cut pieces of tape to fold over your string. 

I used alternating sizes of approximately 1 inch and 1 1/2 inches. You could have them all the same length if you choose - I didn't use any exact measurements. 

Step Two: Wrap the washi tape in half over your string. This is probably the trickiest part of all, guys.
Ideally, you want the ends to match up, but you will be making cuts into the ends, so no worries if they don't match perfectly! Mine definitely didn't.

Step Three: Cut a "V" into the ends of the washi tape.

AND voila! Do this as many times as you please, I spaced each little washi banner tab out about an inch apart from each other. You can make this as long as you want - mine is a little over 2 feet long because that is what best fit my little space. 

I hope you find the perfect space for this banner! It is rather small, so ideally you can put it around other frames/wall decorations. I used it for my office, but you can put it in your living room, nursery, bedroom... anywhere. It's up to you! 

I would love to see you try out this little tutorial and see how it turns out!

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