Office Space

4:20:00 AM

Long time, no see, guys!

I went on a week hiatus due to my in ability to get creative time (excuses, excuses, I know).
However, I'm back! My awesome sister-in-law, Liz, came over this weekend and crafted, organized, and drank lots of coffee and wine with me. I have to say, it was one of the most productive weekends I have ever had and to have my kitchen in order and my office sorted out makes me SO happy. 

This is a little snapshot of what my left office wall looked like after we had finished our projects! It used to just be a blah, plain creme wall, but now I have this lovely arrangement. I also managed to string photos up behind the computer, but more on that later. 

As you can see, this involved a lot of DIY, so the next few days I'm going to share with you how Liz and I created the Dahlia Flower, Mod Podged "M", Mini Washi Tape Banner, and the Target dollar bin Clipboard. If you follow my instagram, you know that this dahlia DIY looked a little rough before it was painted peach on the interior... sometimes us creatives don't get it right, either, folks. 

So, I hope you will follow along this week if you are curious about these little DIY projects!
At the end of it all, I will show you any updates I make over the week. I like to play around with arrangements and photos, so it might look slightly different over time. It already has a few adjustments... 

Have a happy Tuesday!

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