DIY Dahlia

4:58:00 AM

We tried. We really did.

Turns out, sometimes no matter how closely you follow a tutorial, sometimes the project just doesn't turn out how you pictured it... this was one of those times. 

My very patient and loving sister-in-law, Liz, managed to hang in there with me and finish this freaking thing and it was no easy feat. The DIY Dahlias seen on 100 Layer Cake are SO adorable and I wanted to have one for my office space. Well, I have one, but it doesn't quite look like it's supposed to according to this lovely website.

This is what I started with:

Liz and I had the best of intentions, guys.
We really did.

The next two photos are the only ones I had the patience to take during the process:

The basic gist is that you find paper you love, cut it down into about 40-50 4inch squares, then cone and tape them. Seems so simple... and that part was.

Then we got to the "glue them onto the 6" round" portion and all hell broke loose.
Turns out, friends, that if you are going to do this project, you should have double sided paper and more than likely ombre colors are your best bet. The whole pattern idea didn't go well.

SO- in the end, Liz sat down for a grueling session of painting the insides of each cone for an hour and a half. It was not pleasant and we don't recommend going for one sided papers.

In summary: DO try this tutorial HERE.
DON'T use one sided patterned paper.
DO have someone with you for sanity.
DON'T forget tape.

I hope this was a learning experience for everyone...
If you want to see the finished project, head over to my office post HERE.


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  1. I actually really like the way it turned out. Doing the solid color on the inside took away some of the busy-ness that you would have had with two sided paper.

    1. Thank you! It was a good compromise, but I think next time I will go for plain paper in various monochromatic colors.