Maternity Shoot

5:03:00 AM

I had the privilege of taking maternity photos for my beautiful sister-in-law and semi-awesome brother-in-law over Thanksgiving break (JK - love you, bro!). 

This little growing family has been waiting so long and gone through so much to have this sweet baby girl. I  personally don't know 2 people who deserve this blessing more. To see how much love my niece is going to be surrounded with fills my heart with so much joy! I mean, it's pretty obvious from these photos how much these two adore one another. 

I can't wait to meet our newest family addition and watch her grow. I know for fact that P & L are going to be AMAZING parents. I also know that this kid is going to be caring, silly, beautiful, giving, artistic, and so so lovely; just like her parents. We are all waiting with the utmost anticipation, baby A!

You now have permission to swoon over the below beauty.

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