Birthday Man

4:17:00 AM

Today is a very special day. 28 years ago, this handsome, hilarious, caring, gentle, loving, AMAZING man was born. He is the love of my life and I don't know if I can be more thankful for having him as my husband. Thanks for bringing this guy into the world and raising him right, McMum and McDad - I sure do love him.

I can't wait for birthday festivities to begin when Joe gets home! I need to buy cake mix still... BUT tomorrow us and about 15 other people are going to KOVAL Distillery on a private tour! My man loves whiskey and is very pumped to do some learnin' and drinkin'.

It's Friday, my dears, and I wish you all a great weekend! Next week we will have a giveaway... so tell everyone you know to check in next week! It's gonna be good. What's better than a free gift to give for the Holidays? Or, if you are like me, a gift to hoard for yourself. Which I am honestly debating doing with next week's prize...


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