UW Stevens Point - Schmeeckle Reserve

4:48:00 AM

Oh, hello, Monday.

I have a feeling the only way I'm going to get through this day is reminiscing about what a great weekend I had with my sister at UW Stevens Point.

The forest reserve they have on campus is SO GORGEOUS and I could't help but take some photos. We also went to a hockey game (Pointers vs. Bethel) and it was a blast! Still, the best times spent with my sister always seem to be just the two of us lounging at home or walking around in nature.
I guess we both take comfort in creation and enjoy photographing/exploring it together!

It seems like winter is quickly approaching, so I strongly encourage you all to take a little nature walk of your own before the trees are all bare and snow begins to fall! The beauty of winter is so stunning, but less friendly to explore for a few hours.

I hope you all had a great weekend and that your Monday doesn't suck too bad.
Here's to finding the silver lining at the beginning of the work week!

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