Tomato Paste Chili Trick

4:54:00 AM

Good Morning!

The weather has finally turned into something more fall-like and I couldn't be more happy!
Ok, maybe the wind storm wasn't the BEST, but the temperature is amazing.

For me, cold weather means comfort food and my favorite fall comfort food is by far my dad's sweet homemade chili (recipe post in the works). It's a bowl of warmth with savory and sweet notes that really hit the spot for me and, I confess, I've already made 3 pots so far in the last month and a half... 

During many years of watching my dad make chili, I learned a trick that I for some strange reason find to be the most genius thing I have ever seen. One of the ingredients in my dad's chili is tomato paste. This is pretty typical of chilis from what I understand, but how my dad gets the paste out of the can blows my mind every time. Maybe once I share this with you, you can all laugh and tell me how you have been using this trick forever, but I hope that at least a few of you see the heavens part and agree that this is the best thing.

Instructions (excuse the less than grand photo examples below):
1. Open one end of the tomato paste can with your can opener. 
2. Open the other end of the tomato paste with your can opener. Don't be worried about it all falling out of the can - tomato paste is super thick and difficult to get out, which is why this trick exists.
3. Using the cut top from the 2nd end of the tomato paste can, push the paste out and into your chili.
4. Remove lid from chili.

And there you have it! I promise, the chili is WAY more appetizing than these photos make it look. 
Recipe and much more quality shots coming soon! 

 What is your favorite comfort food to cozy up to in cold weather?

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