The Fox Farm: Basil Soap

4:27:00 AM

So, if you are really really blessed, you win the in-law lottery.

I have won said lottery. My in-laws are pretty awesome and my mother-in-law likes to give me amazing homemade things when we visit. Last visit's goodies included basil olive oil, homemade strawberry jam, and these pretty little soaps.

Also, the herbs McMum (my mother-in-law) uses in these recipes are all fresh from her garden.
I am currently LOVING this hand soap she made us!
The oatmeal and natural oils keep my hands soft which is a big plus since the winter months are arriving and my hands tend to dry out and crack in the dry cold. 

If you are into all-natural products, woodworking, cooking, and some really interesting information, you should probably check out McMum's Facebook page (link to her blog in the bio), 

What is the meaning of "The Fox Farm" you ask? Well, there is a nice little blurb all about it on her blog which is right HERE.

Keep a look out for her recipes which are TOP NOTCH. You can all be jealous of the fact that I get to revel in the glory that is my mother-in-laws garden and woodworking. I have a few pieces of her work up in our guest room - more on that later. 

Have a great Tuesday, my dears!

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