Fresh Flowers

4:38:00 AM

There is just something about fresh flowers that makes me feel happy no matter what is going on.
I had a sick day on Tuesday and was glutened (when a person with Celiac Disease ingests gluten and it's the worst) yesterday at my work event, so I have been a little "down for the count" the last few days - I'm sorry to anyone who has missed me! Yes, I do have Celiac Disease. More on that later; I'll be having my first Thanksgiving with the disease and I want to share all of my food prep for the long weekend coming up!

I hope you are all well and avoiding all the sickness that comes with the time of year. 
If you haven't been able to avoid it, go buy yourself (or have someone who loves you bring some) fresh flowers for you to look at. I promise it will help at least a little! Unless you have allergies to flowers... in that case... do not do this. 

I hope these photos will brighten your day a bit and give you the pep you need to get through the last 2 days of the week before the glorious weekend arrives. 

Besides soup, what is your favorite soothing thing to do while you're sick? I think we could all use some great ideas in anticipation of a few sick days not the couch this winter!

Have a happy Thursday, folks!

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