4:36:00 AM

Mmm... tea. There is a special place in my latte-loving heart for it. 

Although I usually go for a coffee or espresso (with probably WAY too much sweetener in it), my husband and I really enjoy being able to sit back, relax, and drink some tea. For some reason it represents relaxation and calm to me in a way that a latte never could.

One of my favorite times to drink said tea is during a nice long bath. 
For me, having a soothing bath includes dandelion tea, which cleanses your liver and is oh so good for you!  I also add epsom salts which draws out toxins in your body and soothes sore muscles. It does wonders for the dreaded "day after workout" soreness. I highly recommend you try this out some time, especially as the colder months start to roll in: 

- hot bath
- 1 to 2 cups of epsom salt 
(make sure this is dissolved before you get into the bath)
- dandelion tea 
(can be bought at most drugstores)

Today, I am looking forward to a half day of work, which means a walk with miss Ellie, some yoga, and maybe a nice soak. I have yet to use the tub in our new apartment and I seriously can't wait to throw some epsom salts in there and light some candles... bliss.

I hope you find time to "treat yo self" soon, my dears, and that it involves a warm bath, tea, and a whole lotta relaxation.


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