Fundraiser for Brittany J

4:32:00 AM

About 2 weekends ago I had the privilege of helping out at a fundraiser for my sister-in-laws very good friend Brittany who is fighting breast cancer. She is such a beautiful woman with a fighter's spirit! To say the event was a success is a massive understatement; it was so astounding to see the support and love Brittany is surrounded with. There were amazing raffles that included Bear's tickets, spa packages, and a Mary Kay basket to name a few!

This month is breast cancer awareness month and if you haven't already ladies, make sure you get in for a mammogram and keep your tata's in check! If you have a little cash to spare and want to put it towards a great cause, please donate to Brittany's GoFundMe account HERE.

Thank you to everyone that came out and donated! We had a ton of fun and all this support and love only makes Brittany fight breast cancer that much harder. We all love you, Brittany, and are standing beside you in this fight.

Photos by: Destiny 

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