Favorite Last Minute Costume Ideas

4:36:00 AM

GUYS. It's Halloween on SATURDAY.

I feel like Halloween landing on a Saturday should be extremely celebrated... 
and that's just what I plan to do. Tickets to a bar crawl in Wrigleyville? CHECK.

If you have no earthly idea what the heck you are going to dress up as, have no fear, for Pinterest is loaded with DIY costume ideas that are pretty top notch. Personally, I already have my costume mostly prepared - I just need to make some white duct tape boots, which are proving a bit more challenging than I thought. 

For those of you still lost, I have a few ideas that I have seen on Pinterest that I really dig. 
(Links to each DIY are under the photographs) What are your costume plans?

They have quite a few other tutorials for last minute costumes as well 
that are simple and cost effective.

This is definitely ideal for cold weather regions like Chicago... CUTE.

If you are in a warmer weather region this is perfect as is or if you live in a colder area you can add some tights!

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