4:34:00 AM

You may recall me writing about a certain "Princess of the Flat"? 
Well, this is miss Ellie (Ellie Beans, Piglet, Ellie Butt, El-louise...), our 4-year-old chocolate lab/chesapeake bay retriever mix, and she pretty much thinks she runs things around here. My husband and I have talked about how she must think she is an actual person with how much sass she is packing. Eye rolling and huffing are her specialties, but she is also super sweet and playful! It's hard to remember life without her as part of our little family.

As the colder months start to move in, we have so much fun taking Ellie in the backyard and letting her run rampant playing fetch and chasing her daddy around. She motivates us to spend more time outside, away from technology and our ever alluring couch. As calm as she can be, Ellie has so much energy and really needs to be given time outside. So, this is your friendly reminder to turn off the T.V., put down the electronics, and take your pup out for a nice long walk! 
If you don't have a dog... well, I suppose we can still be friends.

I hope whether you have a dog or not, you find the time to step away from your computer or phone and spend some time enjoying the fresh air. Maybe even take a 10 minute break at work to walk around your building. It might break up your day and give you the energy you need to push through those last few hours. I know it sure improves my mood on a tough day at the office!

Have a very happy Tuesday!

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